Order data export

Hi Team,
How can I export order data in CSV format?

Hi @charan2k8 welcome to the forums!

There’s no way to do this via the API at this time, unfortunately. You can use the Orders API to pull the order data that you need, and create your own CSV (or do whatever else you need) though. Please let me know if you have additional questions or concerns!

HI @sjosey,

I am pulling order data through order search API, It takes a long time most of the time browser kills the page after the wait.
I am trying to pull the orders data from starting to till now, Can you suggest fasted way?

Charan Singh

What do you mean by “after the wait”? The SearchOrders should be returning “pages” (pagination) that you can go through. Are you saying it times out from our side (a non-200 response) when pulling the information? Can you share your Square application id?