How do you use Search Orders API?


The Orders team is doing discovery on Search Orders and we need your input.

In order to make Search better, we would like to understand how you are using the Search Orders endpoint today. Please reply with how you are currently using Search Orders; feel free to include any pain points that you have with search. Also, let us know any expectations you have around search results.

Mark Lummus
Product Manager, Orders API

We are using it to try and find open orders for the current business date. If we could search by table name/number or bill name/number (for restaurant orders) that would be helpful in reducing response sizes for some of our searches. Currently this endpoint does not return open orders that are currently being built on the Square Terminal or iPad App, and that is a big blocker for a real-time integration we’re looking to build to bring square compatibility up to parity with other POS platforms.

Are your searches performed programmatically / regularly, for example as part of a polling mechanism? or do you expose a search interface to your users and the search is driven by user?

I am using search orders to retrieve and breakdown sales in Excel.

The concept works to a point but my pain point is I am unable to get consistent results from the API:

  1. Not all orders are returned, I have about 600 total orders but the API only returns about 1/2 of the orders

  2. The number of orders returned is different depending on whether I sort by date Ascending or Descending (the date range is static)

If this is a user issue any advice would be welcome

:wave: This is expected with the Orders API limit and the sort_order for orders. The limit is the maximum number of results to be returned in a single page. It is possible to receive fewer results than the specified limit on a given page. The default is 500 which is the maximum it will return for a single call. :slightly_smiling_face: