Order API - Create Order - READ ONLY properties

The Order API, Create Order endpoint doc has a whole bunch of READ ONLY properties cited as existing on the Request body.

I see that some of those, like metadata are clearly there to help the requesting application keep track of details and are not persisted in Square’s database. But others like created_at seem like they are created by Square and not by the sending application and would exist on the response body and not the request body. Am I interpreting that correctly?

And what about the BETA properties like net_amounts. Are these meant to be calculated by the sending application? Or are these calculated by Square and sent in the return json?

:wave: With our documentation we do show the READ ONLY fields in the request body however they aren’t actually set when making the request. I understand how this can be confusing and will share this feedback with the team.

For the BETA properties like net_amounts they are all calculated by Square and returned in the response. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Bryan, that helps. a lot.

I have found other places where the docs are misleading in a similar way.

Is there a place to report problems with the docs?

Feel free to add your thoughts to this thread and I can share it with the team. :slightly_smiling_face:


The query property is poorly explained. Many of the attributes are meant to replace the query property entirely, as opposed to being properties of the query. I only found this out through trial and error.