Online shopping and booking site capability

Hi, guys
We are planing to create a online shopping and service booking for our mobile phone sale and repair services.

We plan to use Square online, Square loyalty and Square appointments to implement this project.
However, there are few special requirements that we want to confirm if Square is capable with them.

• Could Square Online and Square appointments share same customer account so customer able to track their order and repair. request at same place?
• Can we have Square Loyalty cover both Square Online and Square appointments at same time? For example, to collect points from purchase also the repair services.
• Can Square appointments charge customer based on repair category + postcode (delivery cost) and other variables.
• We have multiple engineers available, can we hide the information to the customer and random book them to the engineer?
• Can we control the engineer permission that only view his own appointment?
• Is possible to setup the favourite engineer that take more bookings?
• Is possible to setup available booking slot per day without detailed hours
• The online shop and repair services plan to offer paid membership with multiple tires, each tire offer different discount for repair and online shop, does Square has capability to hand it please?
• During the repair booking process, is possible to had add-on product inside the process for upsell?
• The booking process same as is possible to create something similar with Square appointments please?

Many thanks

Happy to hear that you want to use Square. Our Online Store, Appointments, and Loyalty offering may not fit all your listed needs.

  • A customer that associated to the Square account is available across all 1st party products for an account like Online Store, Loyalty, and Appointments.
  • Loyalty unfortunately won’t work with Appointments.
  • Appointments doesn’t have the ability charge based on category + postal code.
    *If your not going to use our provided booking pages you can build your own to hide any information you don’t want to be shared. Otherwise our provided pages aren’t customizable outside of whats available in the Dashboard.
  • I take it you an engineer is an employee. If so there are permissions so they only see their bookings.
  • There isn’t currently a favorite option.
  • Detailed hours are a requirement for the bookings.
  • You can configure discounts but having a discounts and discount groups for customers so applying a discount based on a group is possible.
  • Adding product to a booking isn’t currently available.
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Thanks Bryan, one more question here, is possible to have Square Subscriptions to create multiple level paid user accounts that have different discount level?

Also, because currently is not available to add product to a booking, can we implement this with API to create new order during the booking process?


Yes, you can have a collection of plans with varying prices based on what you need to charge the customer.

If your building your own custom booking flow then yes, you can create the booking with the Bookings API and in addition you can create an order with the Orders API to add products. How would the order be paid for? Would they settle the order online or in person? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks Bryan, we plan to create order from API them doing payment through POS in personal.
One more question, if we building your own custom booking flow, is possible to integration with customer login that give customer discount and reward points?

Okay, then you’ll need to use the Terminal API to pay for the orders. Currently this is the only in person payment solution that you can create an order with the API and then pay for the order on our hardware. All of our other hardware and apps currently don’t support paying for orders created by they API. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks Bryan, does this means after our appointment flow, we need send appointment api, create order api and terminal api at the same time? This will allow us come to customer finish appointment then process the payment through the POS?
And which terminal api we should use to bind terminal action with the order please?
Also, I have couple of more questions, I submit the form but no reply for about a week, is there a better way I send all my questions together please?

Mant thanks

At this time you can only pay an Appointments with the Square Appointments app. Paying with the API isn’t currently available. You’ll need to charge the customer twice. Once to pay for the appointment and again for the order using the Terminal API. The endpoint you’ll use to create the checkout is CreateTerminalCheckout and you’ll pass the order_id in the checkout request. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Bryan, we plan to setup Appointments free, we use Appointments to manger our time, text message and email.
We will setup a special category for Appointment items as product, then add product into order.
I guess if we use CreateTerminalCheckout, then pass the order_id to the terminal should be fine, isn’t it?

Also, if we building your own custom booking flow, is possible to integration with customer login or create account function so we can keep record for return customers please?