Credit User Account

hello, I would like to know if Square could support having a credit based user account? For instance if I’d be a user and want to add credit on my account so that I can spend it at various times could I do that in the future?
I believe this would be a great feature! Thank you.


100% need this feature - being able to do the following would be great.

Apply discounts automatically when assigning a customer. For example - new order, apply.customer, auto apply 10% discount to hot drinks. That way it becomes a loyalty programme.

Or automatically add 50% discount when adding staff to an order to track staff meals.

Credit top-ups - customers could theoritcally see their balance in a custom app using API’s, see previous orders and get receipts, top up their account through the app and then in-store pay with their crédits as opposed to card on file.

Incorporate a QR / Barcode system for customer accounts where customers can scan their Barcode from their app and it auto adds customer to an order with their name and details and any discounts.

This would be a great loyalty programme feature to move away from plastic and to speed up service

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