Not getting shipping address from transaction id

I have used CheckoutApi and square “checkout_page_url” for checkout. I got “checkoutId” and “transactionId” in redirect_url after successful payment. Then i used “retrieveTransaction()” in Transaction Api to get shipping address. But shipping address is null in the result. How can I get shipping address of the transaction? Is there any other Api which provide shipping address


I believe the address information is added to the customer profile that is created after the checkout. There should be a customer_id associated with the transaction that you can look up, and the address should be in that profile.

In customer profile, address can be saved. But in checkout page, there is option to edit address for shipping.This address can be different from address saved in customer profile. This address is may be saved in transaction. I am trying to get this shipping address

Checkout API always creates a new customer profile, just to be clear. When I tested the Checkout API just now, it added the “Shipping Address” to the customer’s “address” field. If that’s not been the experience for you, can you provide the customer_id in question?

Got shipping address from customer. Thanks a lot!!

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