Checkout API - Any way to receive shipping address to redirect_url?

Been using Checkout API with PHP cURL for a year and it’s awesome. I’m wondering if there is a way that from my redirect_url, I can capture the shipping address information, when the “ask_for_shipping_address” option was used when making the Checkout request.

“BatchRetrieveOrders” looked promising, but I just executed some requests in the sandbox and it’s not returning any address information

Please let me know! Thanks!

After doing some more digging, it looks like after I retrieve the “Order” object, the “Transaction” is something I can look up with the “tenders”->“transaction_id” (and the Location ID) from the “Order” object.

Then when I have it, the “Transaction” object contains “tenders”->“customer_id” which I can then use to look up the customer and get the address info… so 3 requests to get what I’m looking for… But there’s a note about the “Transaction” object being deprecated, so sounds like that’s not the way to go.

Then I saw that the “Order” object has a “customer_id” I could use to look up the Customer directly, (reducing it to only 2 requests, “Order” and then “Customer”) which sounds great, but the “customer_id” is in Beta and not showing up in my responses…

Any advice?


Plus, it may not include the shipping address either, if the order will be sent to somewhere else apart from the customer’s own addresses (inside the “customer card”).

There is a hierarchy-tree for the “shipping address” at “POST /v2/orders/batch-retrieve - Square API Reference” as I was also replied for my own question at –
"Coordinates of the recipient (customer) location [delivery point]" within a certain delivery order - #5 by mustafa – as follow;
“batch-retrieve-orders”–> “Order” → “OrderFullfillment” → “OrderFullfilmentShipmentDetails” (in “beta”) → “OrderFulfillmentRecipient” (in “beta”) → “address” (in “beta”) .

Hope it may help.