No api log for a successful transaction

Hi - I’m currently testing the payment API on a sandbox. Lately, I’ve been encountering successful transaction with no corresponding API log.

I’m posting this without the actual screenshots since somehow I can never post with the images attached…

What’s your application ID and what’s the payment_id of the payment that didn’t create the log? Also was the payment with Virtual Terminal or did you call CreatePayment ? Virtual Terminal payments won’t create logs in the API Logs. :slight_smile:

Thanks for checking - application ID is sandbox-sq0idb-zcqCg_-DQi_iBn1rs6zAhw.
Called CreatePayment. On the dashboard transaction page, I have 9 successful transactions on 9/11 (Japan time GMT+9). However on the API logs, I only have 5. The missing logs are for payment id LrjyX7AFYcSjd00dYA7vKxNUe2RZY, F287njhvA01LTDsyqTBGE2P4ysXZY, HVTpmkoKLT37Pok2CUfvatkStz5YY, pWrhuQEmMoqZPf6WMcPyXd5Z9UDZY.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ve reached out to the team on this and will be sure to reach out with any updates. :slight_smile: