Need some clarification from your end on webhook object id

I have subscribed catalog version update webhook event, and I’m also getting catalog object id something like below.
“id”: “732b6677-1acb-4d81-b09c-5a3a49399d8f”,

but the problem is, my object id is not in above format it’s totally different format ex(ID=2QLTGQAYMOLARDSST24DF5SD) .please guide me how can i judge which object is updated?

Catalog updated webhooks do not provide catalog object ids as it can technically trigger vast cascading updates that might update hundreds of objects. Thus, you would want to rely on the webhook to inform you of when the update occurred. Then, you can use SearchCatalogObjects with the begin_time parameter at least one millisecond before the time of the webhook as it’s exclusive, not inclusive. This would retrieve all objects updated after the time of the webhook, so you know which ones it may be.