Webhooks Catalog Version updated

Hello - quick question about the Team API. I am triggering the catalog version updated webhook But as of now, I am not getting the value of the id parameter in the response object but as per the document it will be provided by square? Plz look have a look at that?

:wave: That is the expected behavior for the catalog webhook. This webhook sends a notification any time any catalog object is created, updated, or deleted.

For catalog.version.updated notifications, the data field includes a timestamp indicating when the catalog was last updated. When you receive a catalog.version.updated notification, call the SearchCatalogObjects endpoint and set the begin_time field to the timestamp of the last time you synced your catalog. This retrieves all the CatalogObjects updated after the timestamp listed in begin_time.

You should store the latest_time value returned by the SearchCatalogObjects endpoint, so you can use it in your next call to SearchCatalogObjects. Using a locally generated timestamp might cause you to miss updates as a result of time skew between the Square server and your application. :slightly_smiling_face:

But as per the documentation, it seems that you are providing the id of the updated catalog. But when I trigger the catalog version updated webhook at that time I am not receiving the id of the updated catalog in response payload…Will you please have a look at that…


That is correct. For other webhooks we do send the ID however by design the catalog webhook we don’t. :slightly_smiling_face: