Multiple Mobile Tablet Cash Sales Counting Towards One Cash Drawer

1 Stationary Bar Tablet
3 Mobile Ordering Tablets
1 IPhone
1 cash drawer
2 wifi printers

The stationary tablet and mobile tablets are running the Square for restaurants application. All tablets are Apple iPads.

Stationary bar tablet can take cash payments and the drawer will open when the payment is tendered.

Mobile tablets can accept cash payments and the drawer will open when the payment is tendered. These mobile tablets are able to open the drawer remotely due to their connect to our wifi enabled printer that is directly connected to the cash drawer.

Cash drawer is only counting cash payments made by the stationary bar tablet, which is the tablet we use to start the drawer everyday. All cash payments taken by the mobile tablets do not effect the drawer count, although there is only one cash drawer serving all devices.

This makes drawer management at the end of the night more difficult. I always have to run a full report, find out the total of cash payments (between all devices), add or subtract cash in/ cash out, and finally add my starting amount to find out how much should be in the drawer. Although not a very difficult process, it is very inconvenient.

The drawer report given by the stationary bar tablet is consistently incorrect because of it’s inability to calculate cash payments taken by the mobile tablets. They all share the same square account, as well as control and share the same drawer. I’ve attempted to “start drawer” on all the devices, but this did not help. I also attempted to add hardware, but the cash drawer does not display as an option on the mobile tablets.

If mobile tablets are used to take cash payments, the drawer count should change appropriately. They already have the ability to open the drawer when accepting payment, but they do not change the cash count. The cash count is only affected by the stationary bar tablet, which is also the one that we start the drawer on (since its directly connected to the the printer/register).

If this is not possible, Id like the option to not allow the mobile tablets to accept cash payments (card only). This way staff must route cash payments through the bar tablet and therefore consolidating cash sales to the tablet which actually manages the register count.

:wave: With the cash drawer reports it can only be tied to one tablet taking payments which is the one that starts the drawer. The report is designed to support one device and one drawer. Unfortunately, a cash drawer report that supports multiple devices with one drawer isn’t currently available. Also with Square for Restaurants the ability to customize the tenders you’d like to accept isn’t currently available. :slightly_smiling_face: