listCashDrawerShiftEvents returning PAID_OUT events as positive value

I recently convert from the V1 Cash Drawer API to V2 (listCashDrawerShiftEvents) and have found an error. The Paid_Out events used to be a negative value and now with the V2 the Paid_Out is a positive number. The API Doc still states: “event_money
The amount of money that was added to or removed from the cash drawer in the event. The amount can be positive (for added money), negative (for removed money), or zero (for other tender type payments).”

“events”: [
“id”: “3498c75f-b9e1-448e-b013-07a2a6bbb936”,
“event_type”: “PAID_OUT”,
“event_money”: {
“amount”: 7062,
“currency”: “USD”
“created_at”: “2020-01-02T23:43:48.000Z”,
“description”: “Tips”

Responded on Slack, but thank you for reporting this! The documentation does indeed appear incorrect, and we’ll be updating them. To be clear: it will only return positive amounts at this time, not negative.

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