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new here and not overly confident with coding but i am about to engauge a developer to see if they can create a tare weight at counter app but before i spend time with a dev i thought i would run it pas this community to see if the below is possible.

This would need to read the curtrent weight of a contain full of product, and then have the ability to enter the a manual weight to subtrack from the total weight of a product hoping if anyone knows if this kind if intergration/app can be even created using the current set of tools provided by square?

  1. customer brings a container full of a product(toTal weight is 1.2KG(container has a empty weight of 200 grams)) that has the weight of the container written on it
  2. enter the tare amount of 200 grams (empty container weight)
  3. square pos has the wight reduced to 1KG actual weight to be charged

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Yes, it is possible to create such an application using Square’s APIs. You can use the Orders API to create an order for the product. The product’s weight can be represented as a quantity in the order line item. You can then subtract the tare weight from the total weight to get the net weight of the product. This net weight can then be used to calculate the total cost of the product. However, please note that this would require custom development and is not a built-in feature of Square’s POS system.

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i should also mention the total weight is obtained from a weigh scale connected to the square pos.

  1. customer brings a container full of a product to counter and this is placed on the scale and total weight comes to 1.2KG but the container weighs 200 grams so the actual weight i want to charge is 1KG
  2. enter the tare amount of 200 grams (empty container weight)
  3. square pos has the wight reduced to 1KG actual weight to be charged

If this is with the Square app that’s connected to a supported scale then yes this is possible. With the Square POS app, you can sell items by weight. We have supported scales, which you can connect directly to your device, allowing you to weigh your items right at your Point of Sale.

Brecknell 6700U and CAS SW-RS are supported with the following Square Stands:

  • Square Stand for iPad (2017, 2018), iPad Pro 9.7”, and iPad Air (1, 2)
  • Square Stand for iPad (2021, 2020, 2019), 10.5” iPad Air (2019), iPad Pro 10.5”

Not sure which iPad model you have? Identify your iPad here.

Learn more about connecting scales to Square Point of Sale. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Bryan-Square just to confirm you are saying i can make an app that would be able to tare off weight captured by a weigh scale IE(1.2kg captured from scale) tare off 200 grams and have the final sale show is 1kg i would want this to happen from within the square pos software on the square terminal

fyi i am in aus and would be getting the CAS PD2 from your site and would want to buy the square terminal not use an ipad if possible

Hey @aphexcloud! Just to make sure I’m on the same page here, are you looking to set tare within the Square Point of Sale interface, and not on the connected scale’s own hardware?

If so, Square for Retail recently added support for this. See Selling Items by Weight with Tare for more info.

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Josh this is BIG, i am going to have to test this but this was the missing peice to moving over to square’s system. do you know if this feature has been rolled out to the australian market?

also when was this feature added?

Just to clarify, this is specifically a built-in feature with Square for Retail, not the normal Square POS. But yes, Square for Retail is available in Australia!

I believe this was released in October 2023.

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thought i would come back to this and let anyone who is looking for this feature in australia it is not yet avaliable. square retail is avaliable and scales works in just the pos app but scales and this feature do not work in australian version of the retail app.