Migrating existing giftcards to new giftcards api - need balances

We’re moving to the new giftcards API, but have existing giftcards saved that were added using the add customer card endpoint. I need to fetch these giftcards to update the balance in our database, but can’t find how to look them up. There’s no GAN since they were added using add_customer_card, and the ID’s have a ccof prefix, rather than gftc, so they aren’t turning up any results on the Retrieve Gift Card endpoint.

Is there any way to look these up so we can add the current balance?

Unfortunately, getting the GAN from a card saved on file from CreateCustomerCard isn’t currently available. :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t need the GAN, just the balance. Is this not possible?

At this time not with the APIs. How many card balances do you need?

We have ~1200 legacy giftcards at the moment.

Okay, what’s your application Id so I can ask the team? :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s sq0idp-_OpWFbMJ0nQp7vhmCjzoKw thank you!

One other thing; it would be helpful to also have the card IDs for them, so we can use the webhooks to update balances, as currently we have no way of retrieving these cards based on the webhook info.