Merge Customers

I have a 3rd party form builder that creates customers and saves cards on those customers but they aren’t able to check to see if a customer exists before creating them so we’re going to have duplicate customers, is there any way to merge customers through the Customers API?

Hello Michael - Thanks for the post! I’m a PM working on the Customers API here at Square. We currently don’t have a mechanism to merge customers through the Customers API, but we’ll keep this in mind when we consider future improvements.


Thanks @immanuel! That would be really helpful.

Hi @mjshinner,

From our testing, it appears that Square has started auto-merging some customers when the same card is used. This may cut down on your number of duplicate customers.

Checking here to see if there’s been any development here on a potential merge api? We have a unique use case and approach for identifying duplicates, and if possible would love to not have to manually merge all the found instances.

Didn’t see anything in the API documentation, but figured I’d ask ¯_(ツ)_/¯

No new updates on this. Currently, a Merge API isn’t currently available. :slightly_smiling_face: