Manually call Google Pay


I want to do some database work between the user Clicking the Google Pay button or Main CC Button and the processing.

Is there any way I can call Google Pay manually rather than the callback.

My routine will do an Ajax request and get a response saying that the database insert was successful and then I want to proceed to popup the Google Pay window or get the card nonce on the standard form.

So I think on the normal form I can call getCardNonce() but on Google Pay how do I do this ??



There is no way to call Google Pay directly, unfortunately. I’ll update this to be a feature request for now.

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Ha, thanks for that. Glad I’m not going mad and there is indeed no easy solution. :slight_smile: In the meantime I will work on some absolute hack then :smirk:
Look forward to a version with this as I feel its something quite useful for anyone.

I did manage to get the functionality I required by hiding the real google pay button, making a duplicate and then invoking .click() on the hidden real one after I had completed my processing.

It would be nice to get this feature added though, so I can code it nicely :slight_smile:

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