Taking Google Pay payment implementation

Hi there,

I am currently implementing Square services in one custom web page.

I am done with Square Payments, now implementing Google Pay, following this guide

I have successful implement Google Pay, clicking on button put card, then receive token and verification token, but is that’s it?

In Square Payments i need additional charge request with received token nonce processed on backend.

Do i need the same with Google Pay token?

Also i can’t see my Google Pay transactions in Square Sandbox Dashboard, it should be in Transactions tab right?

Using Laravel + React.

Summary: Is there backend example for Google Pay, or it’s not necessary, the payment is already made on frontend?
If its on fronend only, where to see transactions?


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Payment API: Process Online and In-Person Payments
In-App Payments SDK Quickstart

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Yes, similar to Square Payments, after you receive the payment token from Google Pay, you need to send it to your backend server. Your server should then use this token to make a CreatePayment request to Square’s Payments API to actually process the payment.

As for the transactions not appearing in the Sandbox Dashboard, it’s likely because the CreatePayment request hasn’t been made yet. Once the payment is processed through the Payments API, you should be able to see the transaction in the Sandbox Dashboard under the Transactions tab.

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Do i need to create customer and card like in Square Payments?

I get error “Google Pay nonce cannot be used to create card” something like this…

I need backend example for Google Pay.

At this time Google Pay and Apple Pay don’t support storing a card on file. You can do one time charges however storing the card to be charged later isn’t currently supported. :slightly_smiling_face: