Loyalty account major issues/flaws, no ability to update accounts once created

Trying to build out a loyalty program for my application and have run into a major issue with loyalty accounts.
Once an account is created with a phone number and customerID there is no way to update the phone number associated with that account.

workflow - a user enrolls a customer in loyalty with their customerID and phone number. The customer has a phone number change and when I call search loyalty account based on the customer new phone number it finds no account. If I then wanted to enroll the customer to a new account and transfer points manually I receive a square error saying that customerID already has a loyalty account associated with a different phone number.

Without an ability to update or delete a loyalty account, loyalty accounts are stuck in this state of being created as is forever and you cannot create a new account using the same customerID causing loyalty to be unusable for customers who have had a phone number change.

Seems a simple solution to this would be if square were to link the customer objects phone number parameter to update the loyalty account phone number when customerID is also associated then it would automagically update the loyalty account phone number and seemlessly work without creating issue for anything already in place.

Thanks for your feedback on this. Currently, updating the customer profile with the API won’t update the loyalty account. The only way to update the loyalty account phone number is to do so in the Dashboard. There currently isn’t a programatic solution at this time. We’re constantly working to improve our features based on feedback like this, so I’ll be sure to share your request to the API product team.

Awesome, thanks Bryan!
I have been looking through all the api’s trying to find a work around. At least for now I can tell clients they will have to manually go into the dashboard and update when they see the error that an account has already being created.
Would love to see this update sooner rather than later as there are clients who do not give access to the dashboard for their front desk employees. This can cause slow downs and is a hassle for clients and customers when it could be programmatically achieved with no additional steps for users or the need for a manager to get involved.

I’m definitely passing this along to the team. :slightly_smiling_face: