Just when I thought me and that terminal could be friends

I have my terminal plugged into a “Hub for Square” ethernet thing.
Friday when I left for the weekend, I powered off the terminal. When I came in on monday and powered it up it had that red “I’m not connected to the network” message. sigh…

So I unplugged the usb c from the terminal and re-plugged it. It connected to the network and away we went.

Last night when I went home, I just put it to sleep with a quick press of the power button. This morning I was greeted with the red “I’m not connected to a network” message again. I did the plug and replug of the usb c cable again and it jumped on the network as desired.

Why can’t it be like other computers?
I hate having to baby sit this thing.

:wave: Are there other networks for the device to connect to and it’s not recognizing the one it was previously connected to by having the wifi enabled?

No. Wifi is off on the little bugger.

And you know what? I came in this morning and it was ready fredy with no red “no internet” message, so either y’all fixed it or it’s just my Wednesday.

Okay, interesting. Happy to hear it’s working as expected. :smiley:

Another day, another happy online terminal this morning. :+1:

That’s Awesome! Glad to hear that! :smiley:

Sometimes it’s good sometimes when I come in it’s bad.
I’ll just wait for a software update. I can’t be the only one.

Looks like I am not the only one. I found a thread on the Sellers board detailing the same issue and am in dialog with a rep there.