Is there a way to create/delete/disable merchant account?

I have a developer account in Square through which I am exploring the Square listed APIs. Related to merchants, I could see only the fetch APIs in the Square API explorer. Is there an exposed endpoint to create/delete/disable merchant accounts? Could someone please assist with this? Thanks!

At this time the ability to programmatically create and delete a Square account isn’t available with our APIs. You can create and update locations within a Square account with the Locations API. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks, Bryan. So, my understanding here is that Currently, Square doesn’t provide any APIs to disable/delete/delink the merchant accounts. Please correct me on this, Thanks!

That’s correct. Today we only have an API that will disable a location within the Square account. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the input, Bryan. Is there an API to disable a location.?Because update-location API is used to update specific attributes in the location response. Also, this location-API list doesn’t have any particular endpoint to disable the location. Could you please share the API to disable the location if possible? Thanks!

There isn’t a specific endpoint to only disable a location. You’ll have to call UpdateLocation to deactivate the location. :slightly_smiling_face: