Invoice (website) broken (select tax)

  • Probably not relevant here, but I have had no response from Squareup -

Anyone else notice that Invoice is now totally broken.


  • Create an invoice.
  • Add an item to the invoice.
  • Click on customize for the item
  • the Tax options no longer appear!

If I ‘duplicate’ a past invoice, the tax options appear, but not on any new invoices or new items added to a new or existing invoice.

I made multiple attempts to email support at [email protected] with no response. I could find no other way to contact square without calling them.

Out of frustration, I’ve given up on Invoicing and rolled my own.

:wave: @idbill Where are you creating the invoice? Is it with the mobile app or on the Dashboard?

I was using the website.

Are you still able to reproduce the taxes not appearing? I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue on our end.

Yes, still borked.

Here are my original emails:

I’ve been using Invoices for a few years, and I work in various tax districts.

It used to be that I could add an item to an invoice and click on ‘Customize’, then check the appropriate tax button to apply the given tax. This what the (i) next the ‘Tax’ indicates to do.

As of last week, there is no option to select tax in the ‘customize’ pop-up box. The only thing that can be modified is the ’note’.

I’m trying to bill a client, so I’ve tried editing the item and only applying ONE tax to that item. When I go back to the invoice, delete the item, re-add the item… no tax is ever applied.

Ok, I set the item to only 1 tax option, deleted the invoice and recreated the invoice with the item with only 1 tax option (tax added to item cost)… and no matter what I do, tax is not calculated and added to the total cost.

The work around I have for the moment is to duplicate a previous invoice and change everything but the item (because on the previous invoice the correct tax is selected) and the tax is added appropriately.

Another thing I’ve noticed: So, I had the item with 1 tax… well sometimes I add the tax and sometimes it is included. So I went back to the item (that I just set up with 1 tax option (see 2 paragraphs above) and changed it back to 2 tax options. Even with the duplicated invoice, when I click on ‘customize’ for the item, only 1 tax option is selectable in the pop-up window.

Another thing I noticed… If I select items that have existed for years that are set to ‘include tax’ in the cost of the item. The tax isn’t calculated at all.

Turns out my fix works, unless I need to add another item… which doesn’t allow me to adjust the tax.

Looking at the account it appears that all your taxes are disabled. They will need to be enabled for the customization to show them when creating an invoice. :slightly_smiling_face:

Well that is weird. Not sure how that happened.

When I search for ‘taxes’, the drop down shows ‘item taxes’, but the page that appears indicates ‘Sales taxes have moved to Account & Settings’ … ? Since I’m using search, why doesn’t it take me there? But also, if it is ‘item taxes’… isn’t that under ‘details’ in the ‘edit item’ page?

Ok, so I went to the accounts/settings page, enabled some taxes, and invoicing appears to work.

Something to note:
I have been enabling/disabling taxes via the ‘Edit Item’ screen. So it would appear that taxes in the ‘edit item/details’ are disconnected to whether taxes are actually enabled or not under accounts/settings.