I have a client that is integrated into our platform through oath. When they try to add a card through our integration they are getting this INVALID_CARD_DATA error below.
It only seems to be affecting them and no other client. Is there a way to diagnose better what the cause is or look into maybe their account has an issue?

‘category’ => ‘INVALID_REQUEST_ERROR’,
‘code’ => ‘INVALID_CARD_DATA’,
‘detail’ => ‘Invalid card data.’,
‘field’ => NULL,

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:wave: Have they verified that the information they are inputing is what the bank has on file? :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, we even tried a card in hand and didnt work.

Do you have the payment_id for the failed payment or is this error happening when trying to save the card on file?

It happens when we try to save the card on file, so there is no payment id

Okay, do you have the source_id that you generated with the Web Payments SDK?

Hi. We have not upgraded to the latest API yet, we are still using [2020-10-28 ]. I dont believe that is part of the API

What is the token/nonce you’re passing to the API?

most recent one is