Hello everyone,

I have a customer that’s been getting this particular INVALID_ACCOUNT error code whenever trying to submit a payment with a particular ccof.

The Square Payments API reference states this about the error:
‘The issuer was not able to locate the account on record.’

I know its related to the customer’s card, but could I get more detailed information about what this particular error means so I can better explain it to the customer?


:wave: What’s the application ID and the customer_id that they are getting the error with?

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Hi Bryan! Thank you for your help.

customer_id: 54RTZ7BHN4YR32CN7ZYNMBZ4HM
App Id: sq0idp-OAhu9JEZmZg9Agr6Ur9qVA

:wave: This decline was because the issuer was not able to locate the account on record. Your customer will need to contact their bank to resolve the issue. :slightly_smiling_face: