Integrate my app into Square payments

Hi there!
I have my app which is a bonus system (loyalty system in other words). Is it possible for me to integrate some functionality of my app in your payment processes window?
I mean I wanna give an opportunity to my clients to spend or collect the bonuses within my app through your payment system.
I found a lot of material about integration of your API with our websites or apps but not visa versa.

Hi @Almaz welcome to the forums!

If this is an in-person payments application, then we have a few in-person solutions that you can integrate into your application to accept payments.

  • Terminal API - this allows you to create a custom POS to take payments through Square Terminal.

  • Reader SDK - this allows you to integrate the payment solution directly in an existing mobile application (behaves similar to the current Square POS, except in your own app). Only available in the US at this time.

  • Point of Sale API - very similar to Reader SDK except it requires you to app-switch to the Square POS to handle the payment.

Any of the above will handle the payments aspect of your request. As for the bonuses, it sounds like you already have a system set up, so presumably this would be your own logic? If not, Square also does have a Loyalty functionality, including a Loyalty API. Let me know if you have additional questions or concerns about any of this.

Hi sjosey!

The thing is I don’t want to integrate your API into my app.

I want to integrate my API into your system, adding form field from my app inside your POS payment form.

So, when your clients make payments, they will be able to give a phone number for example and collect bonuses in my own loyalty app.

Is that possible? Kind regards.

No, that is not currently possible. You cannot customize the existing POS application to add your application to it.

Integrate my app into Square payments · Terminal API - this allows you to create a custom POS to take payments through Square Terminal we’ve integrated apps from Intuit QuickBooks, Xero, Stitch Labs, IFTTT, TaxJar, SumAll, Fresh KDS, Shopseen, and ShipStation.