Implementation on local electronic tax collection system

Hello everyone!

I’m loving square app and I really want to use it on my business. Here’s a local coming law that needs every purchase to be recorded on their system.

I’m trying to prepare for this and basically what I need is, for every purchase, to send a JSON with the transaction information:

{ clientName: "John Doe", clientMail: "[email protected]", clientID: "172638-0", data: [] }

(data being an array with the purchase information)

I already accomplished this using integromat and the payment webhooks, then call an order API to retrieve more information and form the JSON above.

Do you think this could be accomplished using other/more efficient/more reliable method?

Also, sometimes I will need to print the receipt with some information that the system will return when I send the JSON above will be something like:

{ confirmation: "3948792183", id: "j23094820", record: "234-0" }

I think with this last part I will need to print the receipt using a 3rd party app made by myself or something. Or, do you know if it’s possible to print any of those numbers in the receipt?

Thank you for taking the time for reading and replying!

:wave: Love the feedback! How are these payments being processed and what law are. you referring to? Otherwise listing to webhooks and making the API calls to the Payments and Orders API is the recommended solution. As for printing, you are correct. You’ll need to either create a custom solution or use a 3rd party solution that does this. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Please keep going!

95% of the payments are cash, and the card payments are only being registered via the app as “card payment” only for record. This due to unavailability here in Guatemala. As for your question, here’s a new law that basically says that whenever the SAT (which is the tax collection entity here) says that you should move to “electronic tax collection” you have some time to implement a POS system that allows you to register and send electronic invoices.

Understood then, I’ll keep working on the solution for printing the tickets then. Thank you for your feedback and I’ll update you with my results.

As a useful comment for you guys, this feature of sending this data to a 3rd party with every payment could be a huge market here as 2022 is the year where many businesses will be obligated to implement a POS and electronic invoices by law. There aren’t many solutions here and the ones that are around are not very user friendly… Just to let you know! wink wink

We’re constantly working to improve our features based on feedback like this, so I’ll be sure to share your request to the API product team. :slightly_smiling_face: