How to use the PHP SDK on a site where you can't get down to the OS to make changes to PHP

Hello everyone.

Sorry for what may seem like a simple question.

My current website has a PayPal express checkout solution based on PHP (no javascript) but there are some limitations which is resulting in the site missing out on sales.

The SquareUp solution looks ideal but what I can’t seem to find out is how I can use the PHP SDK on my site. My site is hosted on a web hosting company and there is no access to the underlying Linux OS or ability to run composer.

Can the PHP SDK be used on web sites hosted by a 3rd party and if so is there any documentation on how to configure/install the SDK in this type of environment…

I have read a few pages and created an autoload file and put the 3 folders from the SDK on my site and also updated the .env file but when the example cjeckout.php code runs is fails with this errors

Undefined variable: matchingPrefix

and I am wondering what am I missing or am I trying to use the PHP SDK in a none supported configuration

What’s the 3rd party hosting provider that you are using and do you have access to a terminal to add the necessary packages to your backend?

There is no access to a terminal as my site is co-located on servers running website for other customers. The hosting company is TSO