I am not able to use it in core php

I am not able to use it in core php , please tell me how can i use in core php

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Set up your SDK for a PHP Project
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To use the Square PHP SDK in a core PHP project, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Install the Square PHP SDK: You can use Composer, a dependency management tool in PHP. Run the command composer require square/square in your project directory.

  2. Create a Square client: You need to instantiate a SquareClient object and initialize it with the appropriate environment and corresponding access token.

  3. Making API calls: You can now make API calls using the Square PHP SDK. For example, to call a Square API, you can use the client object you created.

  4. Handle the responses: After making an API call, you will receive a response that you can handle according to your application’s logic.

Remember, you should not hardcode your access token or any other sensitive information directly in your code. Instead, consider using environment variables or another secure method to store this information.

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