How to route orders to a specific Kitchen Display

Hi, I have a customer who is getting all online orders coming from my app on his three KDS systems.

Is there a way I or the seller can make the orders go to only one device?

It’s confusing his staff…

thank you

Yes, in the of the KDS they’re able to configure what orders from online show. :slightly_smiling_face:

do you have the link to the Seller documentation about it by any chance?

From what is read here it´s not possible by source.

That’s the correct link. Its at the bottom:
To filter for online orders on the KDS:

  1. Tap Settings > Orders and toggle on View online orders.
  2. Select from the following: Show online orders when they’re placed, Show online orders when marked in progress, and/or Show online orders based on pickup time.
  3. Select Edit to specify the amount of time tickets show up on the KDS before pickup time. The default setting is tickets will appear 30 seconds before pickup time.

But they have online orders that are for coffee (from our app) and other online orders that go to other KDS. what´s the way to filter them in those cases?

Okay, then the only way to filter that would be Category Filtering. You’ll have to add categories to items you specifically want to show on a KDS. :slightly_smiling_face: