How to hide the locationId and applicationId on the front end

Hi, I am using this snippet on my React app
locationId=“Lmy location id”
cardTokenizeResponseReceived={async (token, buyer) => {


How can I hide it from the locationId and applicationId from the browser? If I put .env variable when it gets submitted if I look at the source code tab on the google inspector I will be able to see the values.

I am looking for ideas of how I use the 2 credentials on the front end without making them available.

I couldn’t find any other way of using this tag calling the back end.


Those tokens are designed to be in the frontend and are safe to expose. The only token that should never be exposed is the access tokens that are used to call Square. :slightly_smiling_face:

Awesome Bryan, it was driving me crazy to try to figure out how to hide them.

Regards and thanks from the quick response