How does UberEat order collect payment and send order in with amount?

Hi everyone,

How UberEats push in the order with the amount to the Square POS to be fulfill after it collect payment outside Square?

Note: I know that Square reports this as external payments

Is that something I can do as well with my orders?

They use our External Payment method. Yes, this is something that you can do with your orders. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Bryan-Square once again thank your the quick response.

Now, what stop me to use this solution to solve the issue I am having with the Orders API and the POS API I mention here

The setup will be the following:

  1. One location to get the POS transactions without the itemization

  2. One location to get the Orders API order with the External Payment methods with a note to the transaction id from the other location in case I need to cross check or balance

The flow method:

  1. My own POS system will trigger the POS API to charge the card (going to the first location)

  2. On successful payment the I trigger the Order API with fulfillment and the External Payment method to generate a payment_id to mark the order as paid and continue with the Square POS order live cycle (for the second location)

Issues or thoughts?

Is this specifically so you’ll have itemized orders associated to payments? Ultimately I don’t see any issue with this workflow if it fits your business need. :slightly_smiling_face: