How Do I Get the referenceId using the retrieveOrder API call?


According to the docs if I use the ‘retrieveOrder’ API option I get a json array of the order. I do get the order details, but nothing like the docs suggest. I get something like this:

Square\Models\RetrieveOrderResponse Object
[order:Square\Models\RetrieveOrderResponse:private] => Square\Models\Order Object
[id:Square\Models\Order:private] => hg8ghg9ghg9ghg9
[locationId:Square\Models\Order:private] => HGRF6666FFFRR
[referenceId:Square\Models\Order:private] => bulkbacs7686768676867
[source:Square\Models\Order:private] => Square\Models\OrderSource Object
[name:Square\Models\OrderSource:private] => Sandbox for xxxxxxx
[customerId:Square\Models\Order:private] =>
[lineItems:Square\Models\Order:private] => Array
[0] => Square\Models\OrderLineItem Object

How do I get the value of ‘referenceId:Square\Models\Order:private’? It seems like your docs don’t make any sense. They say what should be returned, but instead it is something completely different?

Thank you for any help.

It’s ok, I figured it out:



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