Isit possible to access the Order Object?

I am trying to get ONLY the line_times ‘name’ => ‘Rojak $3.50 罗惹’, ‘quantity’ => ‘2’ is that possible?

Sure, since you’re using PHP SDK it would just be something like (continuing from your code in the SO link):

$result = $api_response->getResult();
$firstOrder = $result->getOrders()[0];
$firstLineItemName = $firstOrder->getLineItems()[0]->getName();
$firstLineItemQuantity = $firstOrder->getLineItems()[0]->getQuantity();

Note you’d probably want to implement some sort of looping depending on what you’re trying to do. Also, name would only be available if you do an ad-hoc item. If you’re using the catalogObjectId, then you would need to get the id, and retrieve it from the Catalog API instead to obtain the name.

Ok thanks so much for the help. Will take note of what you say. :pray: