How can I get Delivery Related Fees from any webhook event or any square API?


The online order of merchant using Postmate has fields as shown in below image:

In order to know how much money merchant actually receives, we need to accumulate Subtotal, Sales Tax, Delivery, Courier Tip, Service Charge and then subtract Fees (Square + Delivery Related Fees). We can obtain all above info except the “Delivery Related Fees”. It is strongly significant to our own report system. Please let us know how to get such fee.

I do not believe this fee is available via the API unfortunately. I’ll update this to be a feature request for now.

No worries, I already found it in square payment api.

Good to know! Mind sharing where it is? I only see app fee and processing fee in the Payments API. Didn’t know we were also returning a delivery fee.

The app_fee field’s amount of payment equals the ‘Delivery Related Fee’ shown on dashboard.