How can I get Customers info such as Past Appointments, Notes etc

Hi there,
I’d like to get a response in json from the customers, that will include

  • Past Appointments
  • Notes

So I’ll be able to update the CRM, please?

Documentation says:
** Notes with reminders - The rich notes that sellers can create in the Seller Dashboard aren’t included in the Customer object. However, the API does provide an optional note field that displays on the Personal Information card in the Seller Dashboard.*

But I can’t find how to get and update the note anywhere.

Thank you!

With the Bookings API you’ll use the ListBookings endpoint. You can scope the retrieval to a particular customer, a service-providing team member, a service location, or a specific range of the service-starting time.

You define the retrieval scopes by specifying in the URL the path parameters of customer_id, team_member_id, location_id, start_at_min, or start_at_max. Notice that the start-time range cannot be longer than 31 days.

When calling ListBookings, you can specify a customer ID, location ID, team member ID, or range of start times. If none of these are set, their default values are used as follows:

  • If customer_id isn’t specified, bookings of all customers of the seller are returned.
  • If team_member_id isn’t specified, bookings of all team members of the seller are returned.
  • If start_at_min isn’t specified, the current time becomes the earliest start time by which to retrieve bookings.
  • If start_at_max isn’t specified, 31 days after start_at_min is the latest start time by which to retrieve bookings. :slight_smile: