Has Google Pay been opened up to Australian accounts for web payments?

I noticed after the unboxed event the Google Pay guide, the guidance for Google Pay web payments (https://developer.squareup.com/docs/web-payments/google-pay) has changed. It does not specify which countries are supported now. Does this mean Australian accounts are able to take Google Pay payments online now?

I see that the Apple Pay guidance hasn’t changed at all which explicitly states which countries are currently supported.

Thanks for the feedback, we’ll see if we can get it back in the docs. Unfortunately, no, Google Pay is still not available in Australia. Take a look here for the current availability: https://developer.squareup.com/docs/payment-card-support-by-country#digital-wallet-payments.

Thank you clarifying that. I know a lot of us in Australia are really holding out for digital wallets to be available on the Web SDK.

Coming back to this post a year later. It looks like the link you provided has been updated to suggest that Australia now has support for Google and Apple pay for In-App purchases.

There has been no official announcement about this, however I was able to get the sample app taking Google Pay payments with my Australian sandbox account.

Can I have confirmation from Square that this functionality is supported in production before I spend dev time on adding digital wallets to our app?

That’s correct Google Pay and Apple Pay is now available in Australia. :tada: :rocket:

:partying_face: That is awesome to hear! Thank you for the confirmation.