Gift cards - blocking, deactivating, clearing balances

I’m working on a gift card related API integration and am a bit confused about some edge cases around blocking, deactivation, and clearing cards.

The docs have info about gift cards being in a state of BLOCKED and DEACTIVATED, but I don’t see any way within the merchant dashboard or the API to block or deactivate a card. Under what circumstances would a gift card enter these states? The docs mention a bit about fraud and suspicious activity, but I’d love more details…

The only thing I do see is a button to “Clear balance” on a card, and in multiple places in docs it is mentioned that “Clearing the balance will deactivate and void the gift card”. Yet after triggering this on a card, the gift card remains in an ACTIVE state.

Additionally, I find it a bit odd that the clear balance activity info does not include any info about the amount of credit that was drained - only that the new balance is 0. That wouldn’t be a big deal if the card was now actually voided, but since it is still usable, it would be nice to have the amount of the change for the purposes of recording a complete ledger.

It would also be great if there was a way to actually void/cancel a gift card from the API.

Any more info is appreciated. Thanks!

:wave: While you can’t deactivate or block a gift card from the Seller Dashboard you can definitely do with with the API. For example:

    "gift_card_activity": {
      "type": "DEACTIVATE",
      "location_id": "{{location_id}}",
      "deactivate_activity_details": {
        "reason": "SUSPICIOUS_ACTIVITY"
      "gift_card_gan": "7783320052909454",
      "gift_card_id": "gftc:011fb5a4f00044e6a976e8ff48bc1877"
    "idempotency_key": "{{$guid}}"

Here is the link to our API Explorer. Also given that this activity is supported via our APIs let me know if you have any additional question :slightly_smiling_face: