Getting enotfound error when using to create new items into the catalog

I’m using to pull records from airtable and make them into new items in my square catalog. I keep getting an enotfound error. This is my first project so I could use some help.

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The ENOTFOUND error typically indicates that the host or hostname being requested couldn’t be resolved. This could be due to a typo in the URL or issues with the network connection.

Ensure that the URL you’re using to connect to the Square API or Airtable API is correct. Also, check your internet connection and make sure that there are no firewalls or proxies that might be blocking your requests.

If you’re using an API key or token for authentication, make sure it’s correctly included in your request.

Lastly, ensure that your request method (GET, POST, etc.) is appropriate for the API endpoint you’re trying to reach.

Remember, when working with APIs, it’s important to handle errors and exceptions properly in your code to prevent your application from crashing and to make debugging easier.

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Thanks, I’ll take another look and see what I’m missing.