Failed to login with device code

I get the code ‘ZZGPYD’ using Create device code API, but I failed to log in with ‘ZZGPYD’ in the terminal. When I used List device codes to view all codes, I did not find it in the code list.

Below is my log, please check it.
Application ID:sq0idp-fwrwqIExfzS7D-3DGj25tw
Create device code:
“device_code”: {
“id”: “BR2N4F2SK6BAM”,
“code”: “ZZGPYD”,
“product_type”: “TERMINAL_API”,
“location_id”: “XXXXXXXXXXXXXX”,
“pair_by”: “2024-03-04T09:11:42.000Z”,
“created_at”: “2024-03-04T09:06:42.428Z”,
“status”: “UNPAIRED”,
“status_changed_at”: “2024-03-04T09:06:42.000Z”

That’s correct. If it isn’t used after a period of time after it is expired it will be deleted and no longer retrievable by the API. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok, I understand.
Thank you.