Failed to cancel payment with error 'Payment is attached to the order and guaranteed to complete. It cannot be canceled.'

Dear Team,

In production env we created an authorized payment, but failed to cancel it later, we got below error:

[category=INVALID_REQUEST_ERROR, code=BAD_REQUEST, detail=Payment is attached to the order and guaranteed to complete. It cannot be canceled., field=null]

may i know what the detail means? such as, is it caused by any param set in the request of API creating the payment?

below is the payment info:

  • application id: sq0idp-X5g7B-QAtnOvyEFik1fuSg
  • location id: LZ27X98TBHAZ0
  • payment id: pEeRXidhe2VBmulewDUg6AN0H88YY


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Dear team,

Any update please?

Dear Team,

Any update please? It’s 10 days already.
If it’s an expected behavior, it will be appreciated if you can share the link documenting the related info.


The team is still looking into this issue. :slightly_smiling_face: