Doubt regarding the minumum payment limits

I was going through the various limits on the minimum payment amount. This page helped me a lot in understanding the various bounds, but then I saw the Working with monetary amounts page and in there under the EXPECTED_INTERGER error code section, it is mentioned that the regions like Australia, Japan & UK must have a minimum amount field of 100 cents.

Whereas on the earlier page, the Australian region is having a minimum payment of $1 (100 cents), and for other methods, the minimum is even 0/1 cents. So, what exactly is being specified on the latter page?

Bryan will reply with more detail, I’m just a customer. But thought I’d mention that low card charges look like scammers doing their initial probe, so you probably want to avoid amounts under $1 for that reason. Bryan will know the details though, and if there’s a business reason there may be exceptions.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ve reached out to the team about this. :slightly_smiling_face:

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