Device Code List returning empty results

We have a Square account where we are trying to use the List device codes through the devices api. However, the response is returning nothing. I’ve confirmed in our Dashboard that we have devices using device codes. I’ve tried through both the API Explorer and Python.

We have a 2nd account where we are using this and it is returning the device codes on that account as expected.

The application ID for the account not returning anything is sq0idp-aKRTY_payqyZVtlLSEJ5Cg


Currently, the DeviceCodes API only works with Terminal API which is why your getting an empty response. I took a look at the account and see that the devices that are listed in the Devices section of the Dashboard are devices using the POS. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Bryan. Is this a recent change? Previously, we’ve been able to get device codes for all devices through this manner. It makes it much easier to manage our 400+ devices that we have between our 2 accounts.

Also, using this API on this account (sq0idp-E8v4O_z7iihPPJ0yb9f5Fw), we are getting the device codes listing even though those are all using POS.