Device API GetDeviceCode

I know as per the documentation the device api does not work in sandbox but is there a way to fake the GetDeviceCode to return a device_id? Right know it just responds with the same response as CreateDeviceCode.

Hello NY State of Health site@SDCo,

The Square Device API’s GetDeviceCode function does not work in the sandbox environment, and there isn’t a documented method to fake a device_id return within the sandbox. The sandbox environment is designed to simulate API calls without affecting the production environment, and certain functionalities like GetDeviceCode may not be fully operational.

However, developers often use mock objects or stubs in their testing environment to simulate the behavior of complex, real objects like API endpoints. This is a common practice in software development when working with APIs that have limitations in a sandbox or testing environment.

While I can’t provide a specific workaround for the Square API, you might consider creating a mock function that returns a predetermined device_id for testing purposes. This approach would allow you to bypass the actual GetDeviceCode call while developing and testing your application.

Remember to replace the mock with the actual API call when you move your application to the production environment.

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