Delivery orders not showing in dashboard

I’m creating orders via Orders API v2 and add the fulfillment type as delivery, however, the orders are not showing on the order seller dashboard even though they’re created and paid successfully, pickup orders show just fine

Have you been approved to use the DELIVERY fulfillment type? This is a closed Beta. Request Beta access by completing the participation survey.

Beta access to the DELIVERY fulfillment type is for use cases other than performing deliveries on behalf of sellers. Developers seeking to perform deliveries on behalf of sellers need a formal partnership agreement. To become an app partner, submit a partnership request. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply, I applied for the beta but I still haven’t received any update about my application, for our use case, we want to be able to send delivery orders to Square POS and for the merchant to be able to see them on the dashboard.

With our use case in mind, would it be better to submit a partnership request? To speed things up for us and to have a more formal integration? What is the general timeline of a partnership application ?

Thank you