Custom Fields integration

I have need to use standard square as a POS for an event to sell merchandise. No issues setting up inventory and such but what we need is the ability to enter a customer ID that exists in our CRM already so we can tag the order to that customer. Best case is an integration of the Square POS to integrate with our CRM to lookup the customer. Any functionality of such exist?

:wave: What CRM are you using and do they have a partnership with us? Also have you checked out our App Marketplace to see if there is a solution that fits your need?

we use a custom CRM and would write any API needed to integrate. I didn’t see anything in the App Marketplace.

Okay, sounds like you will need to use the Customers API to import all your existing customers from your CRM to Square so they have a profile and a customer_id that you’ll be able to pass to the order. You’ll also need to manage the customer_id in your CRM so you can match the customer_id from Square to the customer profile in you CRM.

Once you’ve imported all the customers you can then add them to the sale and trace them back to your custom CRM with the customer_id. :slightly_smiling_face: