Using SuiteCRM with the SquareAPI


Hope I can figure this out…
I understand that I can do requests to the API as the method of retrieving customer/data as desired. Is there a way of hooking up an automatic callback that can be configured to fire once a new Order is Placed / other system event takes place. Like a hook? Or a Listener? Or do I have to keep checking my customer data against the data that is inside the square system?

This all comes in question as I have currently a website that will send order/customer data to the square backend nicely. Once the Square app fires a order / customer addition I need to have that data shot over to the CRM I am setting up. Maybe I need to look more closely at the API. Just haven’t seen anything like this hmm. I will keep looking in the meantime.

maybe this post is the answer. But ideally, it would be nice to have something that is also styled toward the SuiteCRM system.

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Hi @SkyboardStudios! Good question, thanks for posting. You can see a list of available Square webhooks here: There are available webhooks for Orders (e.g. and many other APIs (e.g. Payments, Catalog). This is what I’d recommend you use in terms of ‘automatic callback’ like functionality.

In terms of Webhooks for the Customers API (e.g. customer.created notification), that is not available yet (but is something we are working on!). I’m the Product Manager for Customers API, I’ll reach out to you to learn more about your use case and requirements. Thanks!