Webstore Order Webhook Capture

Hello, I’m trying to decide if square is the right tool for my store to use. We currently want to host the store on a square site, and use the Webhooks-api to trigger events on our own server in order for us to capture the data and send it off to our supplier. As I’m reading through the API docs, I see that order.created and order.updated are only ever triggered when I hit one of square’s endpoints. However, since I would like events to spawn from my square hosted store, this doesn’t leave the option open for me to trigger these events. Is there a way to listen to webstore purchases?

Hi @thisisorenda welcome to the forums!

If by hosted Square store, you’re meaning the Square Online store, then it does trigger order webhooks, as it uses the Orders API in the backend. You can also list for payment webhooks instead, if you prefer. Please let me know if I misunderstood or if you have additional questions!