Custom carrier and real-time shipping rate

We are building a real-time shipping rate app for people who operate a web store on Square. I noticed Square already has a help article (Set Up Real Time Shipping with Square Online | Square Support Center - US) for merchants who want to set up custom carrier and real-time shipping rate calculation for common carriers like USPS, DHL etc. It briefly addresses custom carrier + flat rate, but does not provide a way for shipping rates to be dynamically calculated. I had a look at developer API and didn’t find relevant APIs specifically for shipping.

Would appreciate help from people who can point us to the right direciton.

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Hi @polymorpher welcome to the forums!

We briefly spoke on Slack, but to reiterate: unfortunately, we don’t have any services/APIs that will calculate shipping rates for you. Within an Order object, you can supply a fulfillments array, and make it of type SHIPPING. Within this model, you can add a carrier string, tracking_number/url and similar things. All of these would need to be manually set by the developer application, though.

Thank you. It has always been a problem finding the rates of shipping agencies like USPS, DHL, Ali express, etc. You are building a platform to solve this issue. Keep doing great work.
Best wishes.