Creating a customer automatically from google/apple pay payment?

We have a form on our website that takes some basic customer details and then uses those details to create a customer and the order. I was wondering if there is a way to sidestep filling out our form and instead creating the customer with details from their payment method? Here’s how our form looks:

If a customer_id isn’t provided from a payment request we try to get customer data to crate a profile to add it to a payment. But that data isn’t guaranteed which is why its better to collect the data you want up front. :slightly_smiling_face:

How do I get back data from a payment from a users payment method? This doesn’t really help me lol. Like is there a return object or something that contains basic data?

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I can pay via apple pay and it just uses my shipping info. Everything I’ve ever bought with apple pay allowed me to skip any information in the checkout process, no email or address or anything. Probably bought 2 dozen things over the course of apple pay on mobile and web. I am wondering how to get back customer data from apples API. Email, phone, address. Theres no way you wouldnt submit that to a vendor that has to fulfill these orders.

We will return any data that Apple Pay gives us in the tokenDetails when the Web Payments SDK Apple pay is tokenized. Same with Google Pay. Please note that not all the information is guaranteed. We only get the information that’s made available to use with the Web Payments SDK. :slightly_smiling_face: