Getting returned information from wallet payment (apple pay, google pay, etc)

I have a working web integration that works with Apple pay Via squareup, but the issue is I am trying to allow very fast checkout for the user with doing nothing more than clicking the apple pay button and paying. The apple payment works, As expected but i am trying to get the billing details from the apple pay at the time of purchase, but when I look at the card info on the callback I do not have an email or anything besides the last 4 of credit card , the type, and nonce, and minimal info. How would I get the email address and billing details from a wallet payment?

I basically want to take that information to create a customer and assign the card to them for a recurring payment.

Hi @vinnie881, welcome to the forums.

You would need to explicitly request that information from a customer (have input fields for it), and then call the CreateCustomer endpoint. Then, you would want to call the CreateCustomerCard endpoint with the nonce you generated so you can save the card on file.