CreatePaymentLink Stopped Working

Is there a known issue with the CreatePaymentLink API?

We have used the CreatePaymentLink API for a few years now and it’s worked fine, however yesterday we found that there were 2 changes:

  1. Links such as checkout_page_url started returning relative URLs, with no domain name. So for example, the checkout link was returned as “/v2/checkout” when it’s normally “” and this obviously means all references to those links are being treats as local on my site and were therefore broken.

  2. The encoding of the URL seems to have changed as the ampersand is being sent to us as \u0026 and this never used to be the case.

I temporarily hard coded the domain name and added something to fix the ampersands, which worked, but a few hours later the data changed back and it’s now sending the original data again, with the domain name, so it’s obviously broken all the links again.

We have 2 separate square accounts being used for different businesses and both were affected exactly the same.

Am I missing something obvious here?

We did have an issue that effected the checkout links that the API returned. Once discovered the team quickly deployed a fix to resolve the issue. :slightly_smiling_face:

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